NEXT EVENT - We've held our last open meeting of 2018 but we'll be in the Baptist church at the late-night shopping event on Thursday 6th December. See our Diary page for 2019 open meeting and event dates.

Car Club Survey: Together with the Bookham Residents' Association we're investigating whether there's a local demand for a car club. If you live in Bookham please help us by participating in this short survey by 30th November 2018 - and pass on the word.

Recycling News: You can recycle takeaway coffee cups at the Tetra-Pak bank in Lower Shott car park. And there's a pen recycling collection point in Bookham library.

Transition Bookham

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What will Bookham look like in future?
Transition Bookham is a group of local people who are concerned about the environment. We're part of a wider network of over 1000 Transition communities throughout the world who are all working to make their local neighbourhoods more sustainable and self-reliant. 

Here in Bookham we want to build on local strengths to develop and support ways of reducing our collective carbon footprint. We're trying to raise awareness of the issues about the damage our lifestyles do to the environment. We hold open meetings in the St Nicolas Pastoral Centre, which take place quarterly, usually on the third Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm. 

Can you help?

We're always looking for people to help turn our vision of a sustainable Bookham into a reality. If you share our interest in the environment please get in touch!
Our aims are to develop local resources and expertise in:

Allotment gardening
Allotment gardening
  • growing our own food

  • generating our own energy

  • encouraging biodiversity
  • promoting simpler lifestyles using less energy and fewer resources
  • tackling waste by encouraging reduction, re-use, recycling, and, where possible, repair of items

Contact us

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 Transition Bookham