Other Projects

As well as our open meetings we have occasional projects and other events - and are always looking for new ideas. Please note most projects are on hold at present.

St Nics Garden
The Pastoral Centre garden
We've developed the garden at the St Nicolas Pastoral Centre to be a wildlife-friendly area. We put in a bug hotel, bee box, compost bin, herb spiral and lots of plants that bees, butterflies and other insects love. The garden positively buzzes on a sunny day!

Some of the plants we can recommend are alliums, buddleia, forget-me-nots, hebes, honeysuckle, sedum, lavender and viburnum. Buttercups, clover, daisies and dandelions are good too.

We run a food-buying group buying in bulk from Suma at wholesale prices, to make fair trade and organic more affordable.

Results of our Christmas upcycling!

We hold an annual crafting session to make eco-friendly Christmas cards from recycled materials.


Wildlife-friendly plants at our plant swap
We've taken part in Village Day, Gardens of Bookham Open Day, Late-night Christmas shopping, a declutter workshop held at the Letherhead Institute, had an information table at the Bookham Country Market, and held a plant swap.

Randalls Road Visit April 16
Purchases from Randalls Road CRC reuse shop
... and we've visited

WWF-UK's sustainable headquarters in Woking
Leatherhead Community Recycling Centre and Materials Recovery Facility

Riverside Vegetaria in Kingston